A Guide to Empowering People

A Guide to Empowering People

Managing Integration, Employment and Environment

Bettina Nada Fellov

Romaner & noveller


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Udgivelsesdato: 19.06.2013

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The keyword of this book is environmentally friendly housekeeping in local areas, educating female tenants to do the mediation from door to door, called "performing the good green visit." These female tenants were uneducated and primarily unemployed immigrants. They were hired for a period of 13 weeks. The results of the project are reduced consumption of water, heat and electricity in the area and in the creation of local rolemodels and most of the hired women found employment after leaving the project.

The puropose of this book is to describe the management tools used to obtain environmental results, secure employment and integration.
Bettina Nada Fellov

Bettina Nada Fellov

Bettina Fellov (1962-)
Bettina Nada Fellov is born in Beirut in Lebanon and moved to Dragør, Denmark as she was at the age of 4,5-5 years old.
Bettina Nada Fellov is educated biologist from University of Copenhagen and environmental manager from Technical University of Copenhagen.

Bettina Nada Fellov debuted with a collection of poems in 2013.
Bettina Nada Fellov has during her student time worked in social institutions e.g. kindergarten, youth clubs, youth schools and as adult teacher.
Bettina Nada Fellov has been writing all along her life and her two published books are only a start of publishing book.

Website: www.galleriartfellov.dk

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