Women Negotiating

Women Negotiating

At work and at home

Malene Rix



164 sider

ISBN: 9788799659210

Forlag: Rix

Udgivelsesdato: 07.03.2019

Sprog: Engelsk

Farve: Nej


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Women are great negotiators. Using your skills and abilities strategically will get you even better results in all your negotiations, in the workplace and at home

Are you worried about negotiating your salary? Asking for the promotion you always dreamed of? Or do you wish you had more time for yourself, but duties at home make this difficult? These and many more everyday challenges involve negotiating with yourself and others, and you need to know both the possible pitfalls and how to navigate around these. Find out how to make better agreements with the people around you, particularly when you are negotiating for yourself.

Learn how to use constructive communication- and process skills and get the strategic overview of all parts of the negotiation process. Research, concrete tools and lots of examples make the recommendations for becoming an even better negotiator easy to understand and implement
Malene Rix

Malene Rix

Malene Rix has worked as a negotiation advisor and trainer for 20 years. She has written the book 'Women Negotiating at work and at home'. Malene is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but has lived and worked in many different countries.

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