Weed in our backyard

Weed in our backyard

Reflection on muslim contemporary issues

Abbas Segujja

Samfund, politik, kultur & medier


156 sider

ISBN: 9788771706420

Forlag: Books on Demand

Udgivelsesdato: 09.07.2015

Sprog: Engelsk

Farve: Nej


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"Be ware of European Islam!"

This warning I have heard so many times during my stay in the East. But the authors of this warning ignore wittingly or unwittingly the fact that one of Islam’s secrets for survival through history has been its ability to adapt to the conditions of the different peoples and territories it reached.

Uniform Islam does not exist; Muslims of Arabia understand it in a way that corresponds to their conditions and mentality, so do Muslims in Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, Morocco, Sub-Saharan Africa, and so on. Accordingly, Muslims living in the Western hemisphere must have the same right to understand it according to their conditions.
To me, that is the universality of Islam.
 Abbas Segujja

Abbas Segujja

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