The two tracks! Particle or Wave?

The two tracks! Particle or Wave?

The two-sided political Solution model!

Jan Edvin Andersen

Natur, miljø & teknik


412 sider

ISBN: 9788743053927

Forlag: Books on Demand

Udgivelsesdato: 31.05.2023

Sprog: Engelsk

Farve: Nej


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This book is the second in a brand-new revealing series of the new and fully proven 5-dimensional quantum physical universe! The big-bang physics and philosophy are now completely disproved by the particle accelerator, in the absence of alleged particles! The universe has now been proven by scientists and by the particle accelerator down there in Cern! This evidence points only in one direction, towards a universe consisting only of energetic oscillating fields, and a most strange matter, and absolutely no form of physical particles! This book is a sequel to 'Rediscovering the Fifth Dimension'! These two books will explain you the entire new 5-dimensional quantum physical universe, consisting only of energetic oscillating fields and a very wondrous substance! Together, it adds up absolutely everything that we can see, discover and detect! The very active universal engine room, the place where absolutely everything of physical actions unfolds, consists of 5 very active dimensions! Outside, there is what you might call, 'quiet'! Only the deep mysteries of quantum physics can give you the answer to the remaining dimensions besides! All of the active physical actions that only take place in the very active engine room, are quantum physical actions! It is only these 5 quantum physical dimensions that are actually the active universal engine room, and it is only the two outers of these 5 dimensions, that are the driving force of the 5-dimensional very active quantum physical universe! The two most exciting dimensions in the active engine room are the 5th and the 4th dimensions! Therein we find just the right quantum physics and these two books will convince you of that! They just need to be read and understood! The books will explain to you about the real creation of the universe, and will explain to you the real inflation and how it develops! The new expansion law will be explained, something that drives inflation and expansion in the universe! Universal gravity is explained in the first and fundamental book, along with how gravity creates and powers this quantum physical universe! You will be explained how and what atoms basically are, along with the Higgs fields! The Higgs fields are very special! Because the matter is very special in this quantum physical universe, in which there are no forms of 100% physical particles whatsoever! A totally particle-less universe with only energetic oscillating fields and the matter from all the Higgs fields!
Jan Edvin Andersen

Jan Edvin Andersen

J.E. Andersen.
I've just been following a kind of private research mission to find out what happened in the out-of-body experience that I had about 45 years ago, in the mid-70s! And now here I am with all the answers to the more than 1000 questions I was faced with right after that dramatic experience! In these answers also lies the whole explanation of this quantum physical universe! The first thing I did was say goodbye to the big-bang model because, the physics model gave me no kind of answers, just more questions! I also thanked goodbye to all forms of religions because, they couldn't come up with the explanatory answers either! I quickly realized that it took a whole new universal model to explain an out-of-body experience, and that's what I started sometime in the mid-1980s! Therefore, I started something completely new, which I personally did not believe could be solved, that is, back then! But the decisive evidence came in 2012, and that was the proof of the gravitational field! This investigation was not based on big-bang thoughts, but with a completely new and totally open mind, and with the new understanding that the entire universe must just be completely different from what we see, discover and detect! There must be more present for this universe to function as it clearly does! This led me into the paranormal side-lying quantum physical world, and there I found all the answers! This brand new quantum physics model was then completely solved in the beginning of 2013, and then this had to be written, and the model was published in book form in September 2015! A year later, in 2016, my 5-dimensional quantum physics model was actually proven by the researchers and by the particle accelerator! So was the Einsteinian 5-dimensional extended theory of relativity, a theory that Einstein himself has fully proven and balanced, mathematically! Do you also want these proven explanations? Then read all my books! In October 2014, I opened my website,, precisely to promote this fully proven 5-dimensional quantum physics! But back then I had no books to offer, but I do now, and now is the time to unveil this only real and proven universal model! My two Danish books, and an English one so far, explain this fully proven 5-dimensional quantum physics, down to the very smallest details! Visit my website, read all my books, and start understanding this 5-dimensional quantum physical universe, the right proven way!

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