The Paradise of Football Talents

The Paradise of Football Talents

Make brains and hearts interact

Jens Peter Sørensen, Jakob Borup, Jens Tang Olesen

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ISBN: 9788743030010

Forlag: Books on Demand

Udgivelsesdato: 08.06.2021

Sprog: Engelsk

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A recent investigation on the topplayers mindset shows that players with the experience from 6 to 49 matches underperform significantly. They simply waste their talents.
What is the solution to this important challenge? One answer is to "Use brain smart learning instead of unconscious training". The learning approach creates reflexions. and as a consequence, educated and edificated players.

Let us create an environment where hearts and brains interact and challenges the idea that football is forward oriented and understood backwards. We deal with this statement in the book. We hope to show how more focus on the importance of strong relations based upon trust between managers, coaches and the players in the squad can improve the talent development climate.

Quoting Martin Luther King: Fate is to take the first step even if you cannot see the whole staircase. Everybody can start now and change everything in a moment.
We have OPENED THE PANDORA BOX and we will invite you to a life-giving dialogue about The most beautiful game in the World.

Let Us find new beneficial ways in respect for those who gives life and energy to reach the Paradise of Football.
Jens Peter Sørensen

Jens Peter Sørensen

Jens Peter Sørensen
Sports analysts and researcher in sports industry, football, and society.
Elite football player, coach, and developer of several educations for Coaches.
Master of History and Physical Education.
Work experience at all levels from Public Schools to Universities.

Jakob Borup

Jakob Borup

Jakob Borup
Succesful career as a player and experience of coaching from men`s and women`s elite football.
A-License certificate from The Danish FA/UEFA.
Teacher Educated with supplementary education: diploma in Management and Master of Coaching.
Different Leader positions in the Danish Public schools` system.

Jens Tang Olesen

Jens Tang Olesen

Jens Tang Olesen.
Football Coach and Danish FA Instructor. Experience of coaching on amateur and professional level.
Consultant for Greenland FA-GBU and the FA of Faroe Islands - FSF.
Manager of Nordjyllands Sports College in Frederikshavn.
Education as a baker, teacher and Danish UEFA P-license.

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