The journey of love in couples

The journey of love in couples

6 essential archetypes to cultivate a happy relationship

Jessica Riberi, Inge Ludvigsen



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Udgivelsesdato: 20.01.2021

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A couple's relationship is not just about two people. Numerous unconscious psychological scripts from the collective sphere and mandates inherited from family history affect our way of living love, one of the most significant human experiences. The psychotherapists and Master Trainer in NLP, Jessica Riberi and Inge Ludvigsen, combine their professional and teaching experience in Chile and Denmark, and propose a system to align six energy fields that promote and strengthen the love bond.

"Jessica Riberi and Inge Ludvigsen have written a delightful and very helpful guide to how archetypal forms - that is, the patterns of the universal energies of human being - can support and transform intimate relationships. They are especially good in describing how to develop more mature and generative levels of each universal energy. I highly recommend it to both people helpers, as well as those seeking deeper intimacy connections."
Stephen Gilligan, psychologist, author of The Courage to Love and The Hero's Journey (with Robert Dilts)

"What could be more important and timely than having pathways to bring more quality into our relationships.  
We are relational beings seeking the connections for outcomes of life: partners, families, work-spaces and communities.  Connection is there but managing these connections is quite a different order.  This is where archetypes guide us by reflecting back an ideal.  Not that we ever really get to the ideal but they remind us to  bring awareness to the learning and the nurturing of the relationships that bring the joy to our lives.  Thank you so much for this book, The Journey of love in couples as it also can bring us some hope for our inner and outer peace"
Judith DeLozier, anthropologist, coauthor of Turtle all the way down (with John Grinder) and Encyclopedia of Systemic NLP (with Robert Dilts).
Jessica Riberi

Jessica Riberi

JESSICA RIBERI is a psychologist from the Universidad Católica de Chile, with more than 25 years of experience in psychotherapy and teaching. Master Trainer in NLP from NLP University (United States), she is also a specialist in Family Constellation, Symbolic Work and Self Therapy. She works in psychotherapy, teaching, coaching and Family Constellations. She has also worked as a consultant in the area of communications in various organizations. In 1999 she founded the Instituto Gestor in Chile, which she leads, and is affiliated with NLP University and DeLozier and Associated International. She has developed four levels of training in NLP that lead to the degree of Quantum NLP Systemic Coach. She has taught in Chile, Perú and Denmark. She is the author of Vinculos de Vida. PNL Cuaántica, Arquetipos y Constelaciones Familiares, published by Ediciones B in 2017.

Inge Ludvigsen

Inge Ludvigsen

INGE KONGE LUDVIGSEN is a psychotherapist, specialist in Sandplay, coaching, supervisor and consultant in WholeWorldPlayÒ and Family Constellations. She is also a Master Trainer in NLP, NLP University (United States). She is the founder of Yes2Life Center in Denmark, a four- year training program in NLP integrated with sandplay, early trauma release & family constellation, leading to the degree of Integrative Psychotherapist, recognized by the Danish Society of Psychotherapy, since 2007. She also does coaching training. She has 25 years of psychotherapeutic and teaching experience and is a member of the Danish Society of Psychotherapy and the European Association of Psychotherapy. She gives trainings internationally: the Netherlands, Finland, Canada, the United States, Greenland and Chile. She is co-author with Wim Beek of Balancing Feminine and Masculine Energy, published by Dreamcraft Editors in 2011.

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