The Infinite Holographic Quantum Physical Universe!

The Infinite Holographic Quantum Physical Universe!

J.E. Andersen

Natur, miljø & teknik


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ISBN: 9788743015680

Forlag: Books on Demand

Udgivelsesdato: 05.06.2023

Sprog: Engelsk

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My name is J. E. Andersen, and it is not my name you should hang yourself in, but my new 5-dimensional universal holographic quantum physics model. This story starts up in 1976, when I had an incredible out-of-body experience, opened my eyes to the paranormal side-lying universe, and began exploring this experience. This led me to the right universal physics model, the physics model that I describe in my books. It was soon discovered that the 3-dimensional physics model would not be able to hold all the way. In 1986, I started a brand-new hologram model, which later turned out to reveal just the right active universe, which is 5-dimensional in the active universal engine room. We can only see, experience and detect the actual 'substance' coming out of the very innermost field of this field system, the Higg's fields! The Higg's fields are located inside the atoms, but atoms can also be empty, i.e., without the Higg's fields, and then we are inside the famous stealth technology, the 'invisibility technology'!! Remember that it is atoms that are the building blocks of the universe. It is precisely this stealth technology that comes out of this 5-dimensional very active holographic quantum physics, which is the next big breakthrough in all types of research today. The fact that the universe is no longer just physical leaves behind a universe that is totally 100% holographic, and which is powered 100% by an active 5-dimensional quantum physics. There are no physical particles in this universe, only this holographic 'matter' that can actually disappear and come back again, and now we have 'revealed' stealth technology. Stealth technology is about the relationship between the atoms and the inner Higg's fields. The atoms can actually operate completely empty, and now this 'object' can no longer be seen, due to the lack of Higg's 'substance'. This is more than interesting, this also very exciting, and completely new to you, because, this is the truth about the creation of the universe, expansion, the unifying mass inside all gravitational fields, which turn into 'pressure cookers', and develop moons into planets, planets into gas planets, gas planets into stars, and the stars burn up the physical liquid plasma, transforming this plasma into the totally invisible starlight, and thus becomes a black hole. It is the gravitational fields that create, shape and develop absolutely everything that is visible in this universe. Read my books about technology and physics.
J.E. Andersen

J.E. Andersen

J.E. Andersen
This is the third revealing book about our very active, 5-dimensional holographic quantum physical universe. This holographic universe consists entirely of energetic quantum physical oscillating fields, and a universal 'substance'. It is only this 'substance' that can be seen, discovered and detected at all. The 'substance' itself was unveiled by Carl David Anderson in the 1930s. This image of 'substance' is the only image of the universe that is visible, discoverable and detectable. The entire remaining universe is totally invisible, and consists of several active dimensions besides. But only this '3-dimensional' universe is visible, observable and detectable today. Why? Well, because the remaining universe is totally invisible to human technology today. But this can change if you now start researching ghost houses, and the very strange physics that goes on in it. Therein you will find this 5-dimensional very active quantum physical holographic physics model. The only workable universal model. This brand new 4-dimensional invisible 'edge' can absolutely be found if you use laboratory-approved instruments, which cost the box but give you just the right proof. This can only happen when you as a researcher discover this 'edge' that arises between what is '3-dimensional' and what is 4-dimensional. When a 4-dimensional field has opened up in that ghost house, you can 'see' this highly visible 'edge' on the instruments. The field forms a vacuum, and there is the 'edge', right in front of your eyes, the separation between the two dimensions. In this book, I focus mostly on these universal frequencies and what gravitational fields are doing. Apart from all these 4-dimensional gravitational fields, and just the right interpretation of the universal creative gravity, this image only appears as these 5-dimensional space-time bubbles. This constitutes the 'visible' and very active universal engine room. With the 7-dimensional information field outside, which also creates the 6th dimension, the vacuum, and inside we find our very active 5-dimensional holographic and quantum physical universe. This very active 5-dimensional holographic quantum physics model was proven by the particle accelerator in 2016, and my first physics model was released September 2015, a year before the proves. But it is these three books that together form this very revealing series, of our wondrous (in)visible universe. Read all my books and understand the universe just right.

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