The available Process

The available Process

Inspired by life and nature

Henning Bitsch

Film, kunst & kultur


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ISBN: 9788743083726

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Udgivelsesdato: 05.02.2021

Sprog: Engelsk


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In 4th grade (9 years old) I made this sculpture out of a brick, it was in the craft shop class where we had a free assignment. I think that my parents, teacher and classmates wondered something about my motivation. I think that my interest in the creative process has been there for as long as I can remember, and in hindsight I think that my alternative view of life, has occasionally been of great concern to family and friends. I have always been a restless human being, but I remember how I could forget time and place when I was engrossed in making an art piece. And specially the development of the manufacturing process could get my undivided attention for days. On the other hand, I did not have the patience to get the last details in my artwork, however this had gotten better with age.

That man should be a rational being is a wrong assumption, but it is unfortunately also an assumption that most welfare societies have used as a basis for building their "systems". The vast majority of welfare citizens adjust and adopt a rational behavior, but unfortunately some of these sometimes have to resort to the medicine cabinet, fortunately there is a small remnant group that has found out how to use art as a breathing space. Some from this small remnant group occasionally produce some works of art that may be more or less accessible, it can often help the person watching to consider the work as part of a process, and sometimes it can also help to consider themselves part of the process.

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Henning Bitsch

Henning Bitsch

Henning has had an urge to develop differently, from the time he was a child. He has always been very curious about what he did not know. Henning has always hated conforming to the norm, he has never really fit into anothers idea of how to be. Hennings sparkling and creative thinking has over the years led to many crazy but at the same time exciting and different projects. Unlike many other people, Henning has always had a huge courage to bring his many dreams to life, believing you do not know if it will work until it is tested. Life is for living, is one of his life philosophies. Throughout his life, Henning has done well both as a businessman and adventurer and can now live an active and creative senior life with his family and Galleri Hammer where there is all the space he needs to liberate and use his creative brain.

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