Technical Analysis: The Scientific Approach
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Technical Analysis: The Scientific Approach

Michael Hass



156 sider

ISBN: 9788743016250

Forlag: Books on Demand

Udgivelsesdato: 12.06.2020

Sprog: Engelsk

Farve: Ja


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This is a detailed and data-based book showing you tried and tested methods that actually work to allow you to grow your investment portfolio, in good times and in bad. This book is not just about anecdotal ideas that occasionally work. The methods contained within this book have been tested over years of data and the results are shown. The book also contains the recipe for making that kind of data-based analysis yourself. No more costly guesswork...

This is the last book on Technical Analysis you'll ever need.

"Michael has shown empirical proof of the value of patterns in the markets. Anyone who has ever used an Excel sheet will definitely love this book, as well as for other reasons. This book is easy to endorse, and we should thank him for bringing this research to our attention." - Larry Pesavento, Trade What You See, Tucson, Arizona

"To really understand the financial markets, it is my view that Technical Analysis has to be included in the picture. It has always been an important tool for me." - Lars Tvede, Zug, Switzerland

"Super exciting reading if you are interested in investing, both for the beginner as well as for the experienced investor. The scientific approach to the development of an investment system is very fascinating and you feel a commitment beyond the usual by the author. No doubt that when a system has to be calculated with all possible variables in order to see the consequences of them, we have here to do with something that is most thoroughly tested. This applies to both the testing of movements and the choice of the asset to be invested in. Furthermore, the author's review of his emotions in connection with his ongoing development with the investments in the market is very relevant as it is often the biggest enemy of the investor. Further, the adding on methodology described in chapter 7 alone pays for this book" - Peter Henriksen, Mijas-Costa, Spain

This book is not like any other books about Technical Analysis and about making money trading. Other books tend to feature more theories than data, are more anecdotal than fact-based and they often leave the readers with more questions than answers. In this book, several methods of trading are tested on real data over months and years, so you can really see what works and what doesn't work is not only performed on historical data. The methods are fully explained, and shown in detail. After reading this book, you will be able to test your own ideas.
Michael Hass

Michael Hass

After a long career as a Finance Professional, the author went into trading full-time, using his data-based approach, testing and verifying his methods to achieve success. He's extremely capable in Excel, and uses this to his advantage, unlocking the secrets of the markets.

In this, his third book, he shares his tactics and strategies in detail, enabling the reader to follow his lead and become a consistently profitable trader.

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