Strategy Execution

Strategy Execution

Lars Moeller



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„Yes, we have made a new strategy ... But we can’t remember where we put it.“ That is the honest comment from a senior executive, I met recently.

History repeats itself. Fortunes are spent on analysis, discussion and documentation while the strategy work is in progress. Plans are turned into PowerPoint presentations. After-work meetings are held for employees. Banners with slogans, caps and badges are distributed in generous quantities to get the new strategy in place in the company. But does it work?

Surveys of top executives time and again show that managements feel that the strategic work fails during execution. A McKinsey survey reveals that 44% believe that their strategic plans weren’t executed. In the same survey 9 out of 10 emphasize the fact that the organization‘s ability to quickly change tactics or direction has become more important.

In „Strategy Execution”, 12 leaders from several countries describe the results they have achieved by implementing the change related to executing a new strategy.

The leaders had to change themselves and their organization to succeed with the ambitious strategies and to prevent the strategy process from only becoming „this month’s“ campaign.
 Lars Moeller

Lars Moeller

Lars Moeller is founder of the consultancy company ResultPartner ( which specializes in strategy execution under difficult organizational, cultural and market conditions. For more than 20 years he has worked as a business consultant in strategy execution, change processes, process optimization and sales- and revenue development. He is focused on execution and is an experienced executive coach.

Lars Moeller has extensive international experience in managing complicated change processes that have led to significant performance improvements and results.

Lars Moeller is a former partner in Promentor Management A/S.

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