Ripples on the water

Ripples on the water

Bob Moore’s Spiritual Impulse

Annette Ikast

Det spirituelle


312 sider

ISBN: 9788743017127

Forlag: Books on Demand

Udgivelsesdato: 28.08.2019

Sprog: Engelsk

Farve: Ja


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"Ripples on the Water" is an appreciation of the life and work of Bob Moore, a gifted healer and spiritual teacher, born in Northern Ireland in 1928. He worked as an electrical engineer and also studied theology before moving to Denmark. Between 1974-2000 he taught many students both at his centre in Denmark as well as in England, Holland, Norway, and Brazil. His teachings about energy, healing and consciousness were unique in their depth, precision and wisdom. Doctors, nurses, psychologists, teachers, artists and alternative therapists were amongst the many people who benefitted from his teaching. He was a catalyst who helped transform the spiritual climate in Denmark; although Bob had a Christian background his teaching reflected the spiritual dimension that exists beyond all religions.
In 28 chapters long time students share their memories and reflections about Bob and the lasting influence he had on their lives.

"Bob Moore was a teacher in the deepest meaning of teaching as enabling the learner to arrive at understanding through their own experience, working with the brilliant and very precise exercises and meditations he laid before them. What shines forth from all of these inspiring and deeply moving accounts are also the qualities of a very gifted teacher and a delightful, compassionate, very wise human being."
Carol Schonauer, UK

"Bob Moore was very concerned about the planet Earth's situation and development, and I believe his entire teaching was also aimed at helping educate people to live and work in a world and for a period of very large global challenges."
Steen Hildebrandt, professor at CBS, DK

"It dawns upon me, now that the book is here, what a loss it would have been, if this documentation of Bob Moore's work did not exist."
Nadja Prætorius, psychologist, DK
Annette Ikast

Annette Ikast

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