Reflections II

Reflections II

- in words and proverbs

George Manus

Bind 2 af 3 i denne serie

Klassikere & lyrik


184 sider

ISBN: 9788771884159

Forlag: Books on Demand

Udgivelsesdato: 17.01.2018

Sprog: Engelsk

Farve: Nej


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"Reflections II" has been given its name because as the author, George Manus himself says:
My reflections have developed into stories.

In the book the author, George Manus, reflects over this and that as well as the somewhat unexpected. No less than 66 reflections have seen the light of day, from those dealing with moral topics such as AMBITIONS and DEPENDENCE, to the enjoyable OSCARs CONFIRMATION SPEECH.

Some of the reflections are self-experienced, whereas in others George Manus focuses on general topics. The short stories are presented alphabetically and can thus be read individually.
George Manus

George Manus

George Manus was born in England 14.05.39. His mother was Ida Nikoline Lindebrække from Norway and his English father George Bernardes. His parents divorced and George grew up, after the Second World War, as the stepson of war hero Max Manus in Norway. He got the name Manus but was never adopted.

All his professional life he was engaged in the Max Manus companies and leader of same for about 40 years. Throughout his adult life, he has thought about EVERYTHING, making notes along the way, as a basis for the books he knew he would write upon retirement.
George Manus has fulfilled his dreams and as of today has written several books. In his authorship one can sense the cosmopolitan, which isn't random. He has experienced a lot, lived abroad and for the last fifteen years been firmly ensconced in the South of Spain.


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