Rediscovering the Fifth dimension

Rediscovering the Fifth dimension

Jan Edvin Andersen

Natur, miljø & teknik


632 sider

ISBN: 9788743053996

Forlag: Books on Demand

Udgivelsesdato: 31.05.2023

Sprog: Engelsk

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This brand-new universal model and physics was first published, in book form, September 26th, 2015! Remember the important date! This book, is a brand new textbook, in a brand new basic 5-dimensional quantum physics, and is written for future physicists and researchers! This new model is a full 'visualization' of all these 'extra' undetectable quantum physical dimensions!

'Rediscovering the fifth dimension' is a brand new 5-dimensional quantum physics model that builds up the entire universe, only on energetic oscillating fields, and a very special universal substance! This substance is actually the difference between whether something can be seen, discovered, detected or not! This universal substance was fully proven by Carl David Anderson as early as the 1930s! This 'semi-physical substance' is produced only by the Higg's field! That's the only reason they were able to discover this Higg's field as the absolute only possible field they could detect in the particle accelerator! They found absolutely no physical particles! Remember this! This is very important if you want to understand the universe as it really appears! This new quantum physical hologram model's atoms, are only these 4-dimensional oscillating energetic fields, which are actually fully proven, by the particle accelerator, in 2016! As a result, 99% of the universe actually consists of an undetectable quantum physics side, and 1% is this strange substance! This is where reality comes to the 'surface' and becomes fully 'visible', in the highly active 5-dimensional quantum physical universal engine room! The fact that something is visible and detectable is only due to the 'substance'! This new model reveals Tesla technology and stealth technology, and points out the very reason why the UFO's can disappear from today's high-tech radars! The reason why the UFO can disappear from radar, is that there are no physical particles left in the UFO, only the atom! This 'substance' can 'disappear' again, completely controlled, also the stealth effect occurs, in the UFO! The particle accelerator's final and very clear evidence just says that there can be no physical particles, and that it actually proves that there has never been a big-bang!! Still today, is this fake big-bang universe only researched and taught!? Why? Is it only because scientists don't understand the right universe that the particle accelerator actually proved to them should be there!? The energetic oscillating field universe!?
Jan Edvin Andersen

Jan Edvin Andersen

J.E. Andersen:
New author, now comes with a brand new exciting and fully proven universal philosophy, theory, model and brand-new associated physics! The author himself has been researching the paranormal and side-by-side side of the universe for over 40 years! He started on a brand-new hologram model over 30 years ago, in 1986, and in 2012 came the breakthrough! Then the 4-dimensional and quantum physical energetic oscillating atom was fully demonstrated and proven, but only theoretically at that time! Then, in 2016, the particle accelerator finally proved the 4-dimensional quantum physical energetic oscillating atom! The author writes about a completely new, and very basic 5-dimensional quantum physics! This brand-new quantum physics model is also a 'Peer Review model', with Einstein's 100year old extended theory of relativity, which by the way is fully balanced and fully proven, by Einstein himself! This book, 'Rediscovering the Fifth Dimension,' was first published on September 26th, 2015, is the first in a planned series of revealing books about the universe! A year before the verdict from the particle-accelerator.
This new 5-dimensional quantum physics model, builds up the universe, only following these energetic oscillating fields! The universe does not consist of these alleged physical particles, but only of the many demonstrated energetic oscillating fields! The shock was also great among the scientists down in Cern when they discovered this brand-new universal and real truth that came in from the particle accelerator! Without the assertive and disproved Big Bang model, the world is now totally without a workable and truly universal model! Therefore, the world now needs a completely new and just right universal model, just this new 5-dimensional quantum physical model! This book is a presentation of the new upcoming and just right universal quantum physics model, and the associated new physics! A textbook for beginners, but not for newly beginners, the book will take you through just the right universal creation! The universe is created in a completely different way, without the alleged big-bang, and this only happens with the help of energetic oscillating fields! This creation is part of the universal continuum, and therefore comes in from a place like a quantum physical hologram! Big-bang, comes out of nowhere, and is thus totally energyless! Expand your knowledge now, with the only real universal model and physics! The website:

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