Stefan Green Meinel

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ISBN: 9788771140194

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Udgivelsesdato: 19.10.2016

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"Process" is a structured notebook developed to support and complement individual Gestalt therapy. The notebook contains five chapters that frame the main aspects of the therapy. Each chapter has a short introduction and a series of cues and questions for inspiration.

Process contains 77 pages with space for notes. The more it is used, the more personal and unique it will become - a small piece of the soul.

During therapy, Process works as a tool to give focus and overview. Afterwards - and later in life - the notebook will be a personal record of the work you did and the conditions and circumstances, you had to deal with.

Regular, structured note writing will enhance your awareness and cause the process to integrate better. The total course will go more smoothly and may contribute towards shortening the duration of the therapy.
Stefan Green Meinel

Stefan Green Meinel

Stefan Green Meinel (b. 1968) is a Danish Gestalt therapist, trained from Gestaltterapeutisk Institut in Copenhagen, DK. He is also trained as a therapist and a teacher of Touching Dialogue - body centered psychotherapy.

Stefan Green Meinel has had a private practice since 2000 and is a member of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy, EAGT. He was among the presenters for the 10th EAGT conference in Berlin in 2010, where he presented Process and Gestalt Note System.


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