Proactive Reviews

Proactive Reviews

How to make your organisation learn from experience

Ditte Kolbaek



280 sider

ISBN: 9788771146523

Forlag: Books on Demand

Udgivelsesdato: 09.01.2012

Sprog: Engelsk

Farve: Ja


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Target group

This book is for practitioners.
The target group is employees and managers in knowledgebased organizations such as pharmaceutical companies, engineering consultants, and IT businesses, and I feel quite convinced that public sector organisations such as hospitals or the police could benefit from adopting the methods introduced here as well.
The size of the organisation is not crucial; however what is crucial is the need to learn from experience. The more the organisation depends on information and development, the more important it is that the relevant employees are able to create this knowledge as fast as possible.
Managers who are looking for a method for knowledge sharing and knowledge creation can just read chapters one and two. The remaining chapters go into more details and are aimed at employees and managers who are to run the process of Proactive Reviews within their organisation.

David Gurteen, Director, Gurteen Knowledge
The Proactive Review is the one of simplest and most effective of all knowledge sharing tools.
The is book is a highly practical handbook that explains the review process in detail.
If you wish to help the people in your organisation to more effectively share their knowledge with each other then read this book.

Wayne Watters, Vice President for Organizational Development, Oracle EMEA
The structured process of a Proactive Review - in which a facilitator guides the discussion reveals information, challenges, and observations that otherwise may not have been explicitly understood or addressed during the actual activities.
Ditte Kolbaek

Ditte Kolbaek

Manager of Organisational Learning, Oracle EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) has had this
position since 2006. She has developed and implemented the
process of Proactive Reviews in more than 35 countries in
Oracle EMEA. She has worked professionally with learning
for more than 25 years from various perspectives from
teacher to coach, marketing director and facilitator. Ditte
Kolbaek holds a Master degree in Information Technology
and Learning (MIL), a bachelor degree in economics and
marketing (HD) as well as in professional teaching. In 2004
Ditte Kolbaek was officially appointed as external examiner
at two universities, Aalborg and Syddansk University.

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