Phenotypic Plasticity in Micranthes foliolosa and Pollen and Seeds in Micranthes foliolosa

Phenotypic Plasticity in Micranthes foliolosa and Pollen and Seeds in Micranthes foliolosa

At Sisimiut, West Greenland

Torben Jürgensen

Natur, miljø & teknik


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ISBN: 9788743082378

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Udgivelsesdato: 27.05.2020

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Micranthes foliolosa (R. Br.) Gornall sensu lato is exciting in ­Sisimiut area, West Greenland. The genotype of ­Micranthes ­foliolosa develops six phenotypes, all dependent on the substrate temperature. Thus, Micranthes foliolosa can be used as a climate indicator. It has been found that cold phenotypes without flowers very rarely occurs together with warm phenotypes with many flowers.

Cold phenotypes reproduce them exclusively by bulbils (asexual reproduction) while warm phenotypes have both asexual and sexual reproduction with insect pollination. The insects do not search for nectar glands but only for the red tip of the anthers, which the insect rips off. The insects tend to seek out specimens with triple capsules for a fourteen-day period around August 1st. Around September 1st, the capsules open and throw seeds. ­Micranthes foliolosa growth indicate a possible control of the plant by red staining (anthocyanin pigmentation). In this study Micranthes redofskyi may prove to be a ­Beringian variant of Micranthes foliolosa s.l., as Micranthes ­foliolosa var. sisimiutii is an Atlantic variant of the species.
Torben Jürgensen

Torben Jürgensen

The author has since 1971 participated in the exploration of Greenland on numerous expeditions. The last expedition in 2017 was based on the final material collection for the two articles of this book. Since 1974 most trips were together with Lena Redder Wilken and more of the expeditions were carried out in northern Greenland with tents among muskox, polar bears, and wolves. Lived for nineteen years in the town Sisimiut with job as Inspector (Sanaartornermik Ilinniarfik, Tech College Greenland), where the author conveyed his knowledge of the Greenlandic nature.

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