Off darkness...

Off darkness...

A journey out of the landscape of depression

Anne Kari B. Solstad

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Kopibeskyttelse: Vandmærke

ISBN: 9788771454284

Forlag: Books on Demand

Udgivelsesdato: 31.05.2016

Sprog: Engelsk


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Anne Kari B Solstad is a Norwegian lady and a brand new author.

This book: Off darkness - 2-in-1, as 2 into a Trilogy. Channelled via her father on The Other Side, as messages from the Universe! They are going tired of our way of living, and are sending us messages and guides to get us back on track!

Lots of us have these thoughts, in 2014, still not accepted.
Exciting stuff! And lots to think about!

The Death doesn’t exist!
We all have lived lots of lives earlier and
shall live many more!
Read- and think!

The 3rd. book: for ever- in the Light
Will, due to the Universe, come in 2015.

"Exiting and important!
Millions through out the world do need to read this book."
Monica Johansen, Norway.

As a Christian I am shocked
Read it!"
Lisbeth Morud. Norway.

"Very exiting!
We have been brain-washed!
Read this book!"
Mette , Aalborg, Denmark
 Anne Kari B. Solstad

Anne Kari B. Solstad

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