Ken Philp reveals the untold story

Ben Geutskens, Mike Robson

Natur, miljø & teknik


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ISBN: 9788743001249

Forlag: Books on Demand

Udgivelsesdato: 29.03.2018

Sprog: Engelsk

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Life-long motorcyclist Ken Philp reveals the story of the Ner-a-Car in England. Reference is also made to the American story.

There are over 50 black-and-white illustrations, many from the 1920's. There are also over 50 colour photographs, depicting the machines during restoration, and both them and others being ridden in recent years.

The brief restoration accounts involve a 1925 Model C and a 1925 American model. Other references are made to the restoration of a 1921 Model A and getting a 1926 Model B ready for the road after many years in a Museum.

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Ben Geutskens

Ben Geutskens

Ben Geutskens, Dutch citizen, has a technical background as marine engineer with a wide interest in ancient machines. He has a modest collection of veteran and classic vehicles with different technologies. amongst others a 1922 British Neracar Model A.
Ken Philp's book on the Neracar was an important source of information for carrying out a sound restoration of this motorcycle and he considers it a priviledge to participate in issuing a new edition of Ken's book for the benefit of new owners and other interested readers, now that the original edition has sold out.
Ben has also been instrumental in translating two books about the maintenance and technical development of the Nimbus C motorcycle from Danish into English.

Mike Robson

Mike Robson

Mike Robson is British but has lived in Denmark for many years, working as an environmental advisor and also as a translator of technical and scientific literature. He owns and rides a handful of elderly (but post-war) motorcycles, and is a voluntary helper at the Stubbekøbing Motorcycle and Radio Museum.
He acquired a well-restored and roadworthy 1927 Ner-a-Car (his first veteran machine) in 2016. Curious to know more about this intriguing motor-vehicle, he started investigating its story in Denmark, where three machines still survive in Danish museums. Wanting to learn more about the history and technology of the marque, and unable to obtain a copy of Ken Philp's invaluable book, he offered to assist in the preparation this new edition.

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