Meaningful Poems

Meaningful Poems

Pan Poetica

Jørgen Panduro

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Kopibeskyttelse: Vandmærke

ISBN: 9788743083214

Forlag: Books on Demand

Udgivelsesdato: 23.12.2020

Sprog: Engelsk


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"Meaningful Poems" is a poetry collection which touches on topics such as love, concepts, being, emotions, the soul, the spirit, beauty, life, behavior and the human being; topics that matter to most people to some degree.

The purpose of the poetry collection is to create reflection by putting words and meaning into the world we live and act in, with the phenomena that arises.

Furthermore, it is my hope that you can recognize or see yourself or your feelings in some of the poems. Perhaps, you may have an attitude towards it and maybe you will be inspired and motivated to write or put words into the thoughts you have.

There are opinions, attitudes, passions and emotions at stake. If they can be played up to their own minds and create reflection or just touch something in the soul, then the possibility that the elastic limits of perception can be shifted.

Creating value with reflection and meta-reflection can help create new panoramas, which have the potential to transcend the individual human being.
Jørgen Panduro

Jørgen Panduro

Jørgen Panduro has a Master's Degree (MBC) Master's in Business Coaching with specialty in Protreptic, which is an old Greek art of conversation through concepts.

Jørgen, is the author of Pan Poetica (ISBN: 978-87-4302-709-6) which is a collection of poems mainly written in Danish. However, there are 11 poems written in English, 2 in German and 1 in Swedish.
It has the subtitle Betydningens Digte which is translated into Meaningful Poems.

Jørgen, is co-author to the book, Things I Needed To Say, subtitle Poetic Conversations (ISBN 9788743029120).
Monica Lee is the other co-author. For more information about her please visit

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