Living Parallel Lives in Qatar

Living Parallel Lives in Qatar

Stories from Locals and Expats

Trine Ljungstrom

Samfund, politik, kultur & medier


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ISBN: 9788771450439

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Udgivelsesdato: 28.03.2013

Sprog: Engelsk


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Peaceful little Qatar has, due to increasing oil and gas revenues, in a very short time grown into one of the wealthiest countries in the world.
How is every-day-life for the people of Qatar?
In this book you get the stories from some of the many different expats who have chosen to settle and work here as well as interviews with three local Qataris.

Interviews and the author's seven years experience in Doha constitute the foundation of this documentary book.

The book is an update and a translation of my Danish book: "Medvind i ørkenen - beretninger fra Qatar" published in 2011.
Trine Ljungstrom

Trine Ljungstrom

Trine Ljungstrom has lived seven years in Doha, the capital of Qatar with her family. She earned a Ph.D. in biomedicine from University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and she has worked as a research scientist in Denmark before moving to Doha. In Qatar she worked as a research associate at Weill Cornell Medical College, Qatar for a short period of time. Herafter, she decided to pursue her dream of authoring a documentary book about life in Qatar.

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