Leveling up campus life

Leveling up campus life

A comprehensive guide to implementing esports at the University of Portland

Martin Fritzen

Samfund, politik, kultur & medier


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Udgivelsesdato: 05.07.2023

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"Leveling Up Campus Life: A Comprehensive Guide to Implementing Esports at University of Portland" is a cutting-edge resource written by Martin Fritzen, a renowned expert in the esports industry. Leveraging his extensive experience and knowledge in esports, Fritzen offers a step-by-step guide for integrating esports into university settings, particularly at the University of Portland.

The book caters to Student Affairs professionals, presenting them with valuable insights, strategies, and tools to foster esports initiatives on campus. It addresses key aspects such as understanding the esports landscape, gauging current interest and initiatives, engaging key stakeholders, promoting esports' benefits, establishing esports clubs, and setting up esports events.

Notably, the book delves into esports' potential to enhance the academic and co-curricular experience of students, featuring esports-related courses, internships, leadership opportunities, and industry partnerships. It also explores the prospects of university participation in collegiate esports leagues and the collaborative opportunities with other institutions and organizations.

"Leveling Up Campus Life" further discusses the critical aspects of sustainability and growth, such as budgeting and revenue generation, monitoring program success, and adapting to evolving trends in the esports landscape.

Lastly, it envisions the future of esports at the University of Portland and calls the university community to action, instilling the realization that esports is not just a transient phenomenon, but a transformative force in the landscape of education, entertainment, and technology.

This book is an invaluable resource for educators, administrators, and professionals aiming to harness the power of esports to enhance the student experience on their campuses.
Martin Fritzen

Martin Fritzen

Martin Fritzen, a renowned esports entrepreneur and opinion leader, has made his mark in the industry with his significant contributions. Authoring four books on esports and delivering over 500 speeches, his expertise in the dynamic field of gaming and esports is widely acknowledged.

Fritzen founded Sorby Esport, one of Europe's notable esports clubs, in 2015. He led all esports activities at DGI, a Danish sports organization, from 2017 to 2020. DGI consists of more than 6,500 sports clubs.

He has worked with various institutions including sports schools, universities, clubs, and sponsors, developing comprehensive strategies for esports. His work has simplified the process for institutions worldwide to establish grassroots esports divisions, and he has assisted brands and sponsors in maximizing their return on investment.

Fritzen's motivational speeches, focusing on the positive impacts of gaming and esports, have been influential worldwide. His key areas of focus include social learning, community building, and personal development in esports.

He serves as an advisor to various esports and gaming initiatives, organizations, and agencies. His book, 'Leveling Up Campus Life: A Comprehensive Guide to Implementing Esports at University of Portland,' is an essential guide for any institution aiming to incorporate esports

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