Imaginal World, Imaginal Mind

Imaginal World, Imaginal Mind

Unveiling the Impact of Spiritual Experiences

Elisabeth Egekvist

Samfund, politik, kultur & medier


188 sider

ISBN: 9788743000877

Forlag: Books on Demand

Udgivelsesdato: 15.03.2018

Sprog: Engelsk

Farve: Nej


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A series of spiritual experiences send Elisabeth Egekvist on a quest for answers: What happened and why?

She embarks on journey that takes her through various university studies. Here she meets both modern and ancient thinkers like English anthropologist, Gregory Bateson, and Islamic mystic, Ibn 'Arabi, who provide insights that help her piece together an understanding of her development up to some point. After this she continues to form her own ideas on the importance of re-introducing an imaginal world which was abandoned and forgotten centuries ago, but now turns out to play a significant role in the development of mankind.

In the book Elisabeth Egekvist describes a number of spiritual experiences and examines them with an outset in relevant theories.

The book may thus be useful to people who ask questions about their own spiritual experiences, but may also provide an input into an academic discussion of learning and creativity.
Elisabeth Egekvist

Elisabeth Egekvist

Elisabeth Egekvist was born in Denmark in 1948. She leaves her job with a bank after 25 years to study psychology and philosophy at the University of Aalborg, Denmark.

She received an M.A. in 1997 and published a Danish version of this book in 2005.


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