Gratitude with the Law of Attraction

Gratitude with the Law of Attraction

Bettina Møller Jensen

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ISBN: 9788743082071

Forlag: Books on Demand

Udgivelsesdato: 23.03.2020

Sprog: Engelsk


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Any change or transformation starts within. However, the journey can be tricky to complete on your own. Transforming your habits requires determination and consistency. However, having a step-by-step template to follow makes the process so much easier.

Scientists have proved that a daily dose of gratitude affects us in a positive way. A daily practice of gratitude enhances your awareness of everything you already have in your life that works and makes you happy. The Law of Attraction reacts to how you feel, and a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.

Whether you have been practicing gratitude on a daily basis or whether you are completely new to having an attitude of gratitude, this workbook is for you. The book is a natural companion if you are already a member of the Facebook group: Gratitude with the Law of Attraction and Bettina M. Jensen, but of course, you can use it separately as well.

In this book, you will find an inspiration list to draw from if you do not know where to start. Also, you will find examples on how to use the book. Lastly, you will find 108 inspirational Law of Attraction quotes.
Bettina Møller Jensen

Bettina Møller Jensen

Bettina Møller Jensen is a Law of Attraction and Vision Board expert.

Originally, Bettina is a trained and certified Translator and Interpreter in English. For many years before, Bettina worked in the financial sector in various roles.

Today, Bettina uses her skills to help others obtain more freedom and empowerment in their lives by learning how to master the science of deliberate attraction. Bettina uses a variety of modalities such as 1:1 coaching, teaching, and how-to training seminars.

Bettina knows whereof she speaks when it comes to the Law of Attraction. Bettina was trained personally by the internationally renowned Law of Attraction Guru, Michael Losier.
As the only Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator in Denmark, Bettina is known as the go-to Law of Attraction gal and is sometimes referred to as: The Danish LoA Queen.

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