Freud and his discontents

Freud and his discontents

An aetiology of psychoanalysis

Derek Dey

Natur, miljø & teknik


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ISBN: 9788743037170

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Udgivelsesdato: 12.05.2021

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Freud is not so well considered today. Critiques started early with Melanie Klein declaring an earlier date for infant trauma than Freud's Oedipal theory did. Of late, work by Daniel Stern, John Bowlby, Margaret Mahler and Lawrence Kohlberg, all offer different accounts. Such research moved psychology beyond the Oedipal framework. Freud also left confusion over the feminine, of which he likened it to an obfuscated, "Dark Continent."

Moreover, Freud left us with identity confusion related to two mothers and two fathers, broadly recorded and also encoded in his last book, 'Moses and Monotheism'. Some of his sexual theories can be traced to Albert Moll, one of a number involved in such studies at the time.

Nevertheless, a number of Freudians meeting at the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society in his own home on Wednesdays to discuss Freudian notions had some such as, C.G. Jung and Alfred Adler, leaving as 'discontents' and forging separate psychological disciplines. Paradoxically they supported Freud's idea that psychoanalysis / psychology should become an international affair as their ideas also spread. Therefore, Freud, arguably, remains as a father of modern psychology and is still worthy of further thought.
Derek Dey

Derek Dey

Derek Dey studied at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen, Scotland, gaining a B.A. in fine art. After editing a magazine in London, Derek travelled with a Japanese psychologist in Germany where he became involved in crises counselling, suicide prevention and sexual abuse concerns.

Later in America he gained an M.R.E., in UTS upstate New York, with a focus on psychology and a practicum in group process work. In Arizona, art and psychology were fused to develop art therapy methods applied in sessions in Scottsdale. Some of these results were confirmed by neuronal research at Mayo Clinic nearby, which revealed much improved neuronal activity. Various issues including bipolar disorders and Dyslexia were significantly addressed so the idea that positive changes can take place in various challenging behaviors were confirmed.

Today, Derek lives and works with his family in Denmark and spends much of his time researching and writing.

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