- The inner beauty

Ulla Conrad

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Kopibeskyttelse: Vandmærke

ISBN: 9788743021117

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Udgivelsesdato: 06.03.2023

Sprog: Engelsk


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Fascinated by the beauty of nature, I am setting out on small expeditions of a special kind, curious and with all senses open. Walking slowly through layers of forest undergrowth, visiting ancient mother trees, the walks turns into small spiritual journeys. Nature offers answers to my questions, gives small insights, and feelings of connection, of being one with everything. Following beetles and dragonflies on their paths, zooming in on them, I never know what they will teach me. Because they do teach - I only have to become quiet and listen. And from that space, poetry arises.

Poems by Ulla Conrad,
Photos by Semko Balcerski,
Ulla Conrad

Ulla Conrad

In 2003 the photographer Semko Balcerski held an exhibition called "The Fragments of Life" at Oeksnehallen, Copenhagen, Denmark. It showed a series of photographic "fragments", kaleidoscopes, printed on transparent backgrounds, mounted between 2 m high glass sheets of float glass.

Accompanying the photos, danish writer and graphic designer Ulla Conrad had created twelve poems for the occasion. They were printed on transparent paper banners, hanging from the ceiling, adding words to the ideas behind the photo art. Themes were the beauty of nature and the ungraspable human minds many faces (part I). The rest of the poems were created later, in 2003-2012, and are a continuation of the same ideas, inspired also by other poets and ideas (part II-V).

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