FILM - Narration and seduction

FILM - Narration and seduction

- a new scandinavian scriptwriting model

Trine Breum

Film, kunst & kultur


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Kopibeskyttelse: Vandmærke

ISBN: 9788771704990

Forlag: Books on Demand

Udgivelsesdato: 15.02.2016

Sprog: Engelsk


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FILM – Narration & Seduction gives a comprehensive insight in the essential elements of the modern Scandinavian screenwriting and filmmaking – it so to speak maps the newly discovered land. Through this book the reader will understand and learn more about modern film making than from any other book.

FILM – Narration & Seduction goes several steps further and deeper in the psychological and dramaturgical aspects of screenwriting than other books and goes far further in dealing with the practical implications of professional work in the early stages of development.

From the reviews:

“Finally it is here - the book the professional community has looked out for, the educational institutions has begged for and the general well-informed public will find useful, enlightening and in-expendably informative”

Kjeld Veirup, former Script editor at DreamWorks in California and leader of the European Film collage in Denmark.

“… let it be clear from the beginning – it is an elaborating and inspiring book of methods. Breum is a contagious and stimulating reader of film and television … Everything is delicately and convincingly described and arranged, and in the repeatedly pedagogical way that characterizes a textbook. You can use her book - and learn from it.”

Bo Tao Michaëlis, Politiken

”Written with considerable gusto, inspiring and easy to comprehend.”

Mette Damgaard-Sørensen, former consultant at the Danish Film institute

“I am overwhelmed the insight and overview Breum possess … the book is damned good written and packed with great expertise”

Kim Bruun, Pråsen
Trine Breum

Trine Breum

Trine Breum (born in 1962) earned a Masters Degree in film and psychology from the Institute of Film, TV and Communications at Copenhagen University (1989), specialising in scriptwriting. Since then she has worked freelance, becoming one of the most widely used script consultants in Denmark and Norway. Her book, FILM - Narration and Seduction - a new European-American scriptwriting model was published in 4. edition in 2016

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