Conversations with Bob Moore

Conversations with Bob Moore

Moore Healing Association

Natur, miljø & teknik


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Bob Moore has inspired many therapists and teachers in Denmark and in many other countries all over the world. He has always communicated his teachings directly to his students. This book is unique. Through a series of conversations he shares his wisdom for the first time to a wider circle of readers. The book has previously been published to a closed group of students. With this book it is now available to everyone and includes two new appendixes. It is a book that can be read many times. Bob Moore's words are often deeper than we might understand in the first place. The book deals primarily with the philosophy behind Bob Moore's work.

In Bob Moore's teaching the way to help others is through efforts to understand and help ourselves. It is from this understanding that we can understand and transform our problems through connection to our spiritual qualities. It is based on knowledge of human energy structures and a deep understanding of how we can work with these energy structures. Through working with ourselves and our energy structures, we are able to achieve a more genuine connection to ourselves - and thus to other people. Spiritual development: "To understand yourself means working with yourself, and working on yourself means going deeper, while looking at different states of consciousness and different degrees of contact that you have with yourself – the most important thing is to love yourself".
Moore Healing Association

Moore Healing Association

Bob Moore was born in 1928 in Northern Ireland. After an education at a Quaker college he first studied to become a minister, but an interest in electricity
prompted him to start a technical education in electrical engineering. He entered business life and became commercial manager in a supply and engineering
company, a position he held until his move to Denmark.
In his mid-twenties a personal experience changed his view of life, and he began
to study energy fields, healing, psychology, various therapies and meditation,
all incorporated in a self-development process. This helped him to understand
better his feeling for other people. The abilities he used in his work were gradually developed through the use of meditation and specific exercises, and were based
on his need to be of service to others. In his thirties this process led to work with healing and to lectures, which he gave in his spare time in various cities in England, Scotland and Ireland. At the suggestion of some Danish participants he visited Denmark and moved there in the autumn of 1974.
After a start in Kolding, he moved to Silkeborg in 1976 where, together with his wife Anni, he founded ‘Psykisk Center’. There, a variety of courses on meditation, colour and sound, energy awareness healing and general selfdevelopment were offered. The increasing interest in his work led to a search for a larger accommodation, and in 1982 the centre moved to Ringkøbing. Each year hundreds of people – doctors, nurses, priests, psychologists, social workers and many others from about 20 different countries – met and shared in the various courses undertaken at the centre.
Bob Moore passed away the 6th of January 2008.

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