Canal Locks - No Problem

Canal Locks - No Problem

How to avoid problems in the locks from northern Europe to the Mediterranean

Thomas Veber

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ISBN: 9789198287011

Forlag: Techstudio

Udgivelsesdato: 10.11.2015

Sprog: Engelsk

Farve: Ja


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To travel by boat from northern Europe through the rivers and canals and finishing at the Mediterranean, is an easy and uncomplicated journey. The only obstacles on the way are the locks, but once you have mastered how to navigate the different types of locks, it is quite simple. You can even manage the locks if you are sailing single-handedly.

Always keep control of your mooring lines and the forces that affect your boat and you will experience that even the more complicated locks can be straightforward. However, if you lose control of the boat or the moorings, the situation can be very stressful and potentially lead to damage.

This book is a description of the various types of locks you can encounter during a voyage through Europe, including the easiest ways to navigate them.

Avoid problems and damages to your boat by preparing properly before you leave.
Thomas Veber

Thomas Veber

Thomas Veber is the author of several books and articles about sailing and travelling. He has crossed the Atlantic in a sail boat, twice sailed through Europe’s inland waterways and cruised Scandinavian waters intensively.

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