Birds in origami

Birds in origami

Experience Simon Andersen's insights and fantastic designs

Hans Dybkjær

Hobby & fritid


148 sider

ISBN: 9788799235858


Udgivelsesdato: 27.06.2024

Sprog: Engelsk

Farve: Ja


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"Birds in Origami" is aimed at beginners as well as those experienced in paper folding. Enjoy and fold the models, or immerse yourself in design philosophy that draws on the letters and models of origami artist Simon Andersen (1946-2013).

The book contains instructions for folding 45 different origami models, including 31 birds. All models are described with difficulty level, time to fold, designer and sizes of paper and model. In addition, there is a thorough explanation of symbols and techniques.

The models are divided thematically according to design ideas and thereby provide a wealth of insight into folding and designing origami.

With a foreword by Gideon Løwy, professor and brother of Simon Andersen.

Preface. Symbols and technique. About Japanese folding. Folding sequences. Neobirds. Etiology. Blind fold. Origami nova. Stomach birds. Bubbles. Skin or bone. Square fold. Templates. A format. Hard and soft forms. Afterword.
Hans Dybkjær

Hans Dybkjær

Origami designer and artist. Born in 1961. He has been folding paper since childhood, runs and is chairman of, the Danish origami association. Has published several books about origami, exhibits October 2023-September 2024 at Museum for papirkunst, has a weekly, open origami workshop in Byen Hus/Hellerup, and writes articles and holds workshops and lectures about origami.

PhD in computer science, researched programming and talking computers 1988-1997, and has since worked as a software developer. Likes creative hobby work, cooking, gardening, the family, football, cycling, programming and much more.

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