Alive or Dead

Alive or Dead

Whatever happened to Jakob?

Boeje Aagaard Kristensen

Bind 2 af 6 i denne serie

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Kopibeskyttelse: Vandmærke

ISBN: 9788743054092

Forlag: Books on Demand

Udgivelsesdato: 26.06.2023

Sprog: Engelsk


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ALIVE OR DEAD - Whatever happened to Jakob? is a novel of war and terror; persecution and helpfulness; sexual assault and love; revenge and murder; right and wrong.

Vienna 1919: The Jewish family Nathan feels the growing hate for Jews and persecution of Jews in Austria. Culminating with Austria being annexed by Germany in 1938 and World War II. Is their fate sealed?
Denmark 2006: The lawyer Daniel Danielsen from the town of Skive is given an old wardrobe. Underneath the drawer of the wardrobe he finds a parcel with a letter. Hidden and forgotten for more than 60 years.
What is the content of the parcel? Who is it meant for? Who left it there and where is the person who wrote the letter?
Daniel decides to begin investigating. It takes him to Vienna. Here he looks for traces. He visits the beastly concentration camp in Mauthausen. Is Nazism still an item in Vienna in the year of 2006?
In Israel Daniel looks for information in the register of the holocaust museum Yad Vashem. Apparently a dead end. And then still...
Back in Vienna Daniel gets closer to revealing the drama that happened before and during World War II. A drama of jealousy, revenge, envy and sexual assault. Reporting of Jews leading to oppression, forced labor and death in the KZ-camp Mauthausen. Here a very special kind of execution was used by the Nazis from a place named the Parachute Rock. Cheaper than shooting or the use of the gas chamber. And excellent entertainment the guards found.
Some people think Daniel finds out too much and he is taken to a non-voluntary 'sightseeing' tour to Mauthausen. To the Parachute Rock.
Boeje Aagaard Kristensen

Boeje Aagaard Kristensen

A Danish - Scandinavian author.
Boeje Aagaard Kristensen (born 1955) is a self-taught author.

Born and growing up on a farm with all kinds of animals, wide acres and nature with forest and heath. As an adult he worked as a banker in Denmark and shortly in Germany and later as a financial advisor. On the side he bought and ran a farm with forest and production of Christmas trees. The farm was for many years also the home of himself, his wife and two daughters.

In 2018 he published his first novel in Danish - Hvem slukkede lyset? - in 2023 translated into English with the title: Justified Punishment.

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